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Ramayana The Epic – Animation Movie Official Website - Facebook Page and Youtube Channel

There is no dearth of animation movies based on Ramayan – so what is new in the Ramayana The Epic directed by Chetan Desai in association with Maya Digital Media and Ketan Mehta? The difference is in the quality of 3D animation – at least the 90 minute promo is far superior animation wise when all the earlier versions of animated Ramayana are considered. Another plus point is the voice over of important characters are given by Bollywood professionals. Ramayana The Epic release date is October 15, 2010 – the Navratri, Dasara and Durga Puja week.
The voice of Mata Sita is given by Juhi Chawla, that of Ram by Manoj Bajpayee and that of Ravan by Ashutosh Rana.
The official website of Ramayana The Epic you can find it here - Ramayana The Epic.
The Facebook page is active and is updated by fans of the movie – you can find it here.
You can find a 90-minute promo of the movie here at official Youtube Channel.