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Images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses on Converse Shoes – Pictures of Hindu Gods on Shoes

Converse is a shoe company with a history of 100 years; it is currently using images of Holy Hindu Gods and Goddesses which is more than 5000 years old on its All Star Jimi Hendrix brand of Shoes. Take a look at the images of the shoes which are currently available online and you can decide whether it is an insult to the religious sentiments and beliefs of Hindus.

Latest UpdateConverse withdraws shoes carrying images of Hindu deities – Thanks to Houston-based woman Beth Kulkarni

We are not writing much because when such things are spotted and a voice is raised against it – the holy secular press and secular people condemn such findings and news articles and those who spotted it or condemned it are branded religious fundamentalists.

Personally I am hurt but I won’t go around burning or creating vandalism - But it would be nice if the product is removed and the usual apology is followed after removal.

Note – we are not linking to the website of converse Shoes as these types of tactics are often used by websites to promote products. After publicity they will publish a usual sorry.

Thanks to Rishi from United Kingdom who spotted it.