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Durga Puja Idols Makers of Kumartuli in Kolkata Will Sell From a New Address in 2010

If you are looking to buy Durga Puja Idols in 2010 from Kumartuli Idol makers then you will have to ahead towards their temporary location — 541B Rabindra Sarani in Kumartuli in Kolkata. A renovation is taking place at Kumartuli and therefore the idols makers have shifted to the new location. In 2010, Durga Puja Mahalya is on October 7. Important Durga Puja rituals begin from October 13 to October 17.
Majority of the idols for Durga Puja in India and abroad are made the 120 families from Kumartuli
About 120 artisan families from Kumartuli will sell Durga idols from a new address this Puja — 541B Rabindra Sarani, where they have been temporarily sheltered to facilitate the reconstruction of their old quarters in Kumartuli.
These families lived on Bhaskar G Pal Street and a part of Bonomali Sarkar Street in Kumartuli.
Work for the Puja is on in full swing at the new premises, only a few metres away from Kumartuli. The concrete buildings are a welcome change for the artisans who have so long struggled in their ramshackle studios in Kumartuli.
However, the lack of awareness about the place among customers is bothering some artisans. “We fear losing out on customers who might not bother to check out the new site,” said Sailen Pal, an artisan.