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Swami Parthasarathy Thoughts on True Charity

True charity emanates from sound judgment of the intellect rather than a weak emotion of the mind. In its purest form, charity has the distinction of benefiting the receiver as well as the donor.
Light is constituted of seven colors. When an object is bathed in light the seven colors impinge upon it. An object appears blue when it actually gives away blue and takes in the other six. It appears in the color it parts with. An object gains the color it gives away! You gain what you give away, what you sacrifice. Not what you take. Develop the spirit of dispassion, renunciation in life. You turn pure, divine. And when you amass wealth you turn impure, demonic.
Charity is a synonym for prosperity. So is sacrifice for success. The more you run after wealth, the more it recedes. You crave for it, and it eludes you. Leave it alone, and it follows you. Work earnestly, dispassionately; the reward of work shall court you.
Swami Parthasarathy of Vedanta Cultural Foundation
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