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On Hindu American community building by Anju Bhargava

Anju Bhargava is the Founder-convener of Hindu American Seva Charities and a member of US President Obama's Council on Faith Based and Neighborhood Partnerships writes about Hindu American community and seva or community social service conducted by American Hindus in the faith section of the Washington Post.

Here are some excerpts

At over 2.2 million, Hindus in America now form the fifth largest religious group, after Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism. However Hindus are often mischaracterized in textbooks and academia and are not well understood by the majority. As New Americans, we do not yet know how to fully engage with the government. This historic appointment, first public inclusion of a Hindu American, became an opportunity to collectively learn, educate and act.

Hindus Americans conduct seva (community social service) regularly as part of their sadhana (spiritual practice). Though the diverse Hindu community has no one particular central authoritative governing body; many, enthusiastically, came together, united for the first time to be part of a national movement. Our Hindu American community collectively expanded the ongoing seva to focus on poverty reduction, health, environment, youth, elderly and education. More than 120 "Seva Centers" conducted significantly over 1,300, mostly interfaith, service projects nationally. Under the guidance of OFBNP, an inspired team formed Hindu American Seva Charities (HASC) which mobilized the response to serve. OFBNP provided a context, a voice and learning opportunities to bridge the gap between the U.S. government and Hindu institutions.

You can read the article here at Washington Post and also find out more about Hindu American Seva Charities