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Avvaiyar Quotes

What we know is the size of a handful of sand while what we don’t know is the size of the entire earth itself...

Be desirous of doing virtue.

It is the nature of anger to temper in time.

Never stop learning

Don't prevent charity (Always be charitable).

Avoid words that could hurt (Don’t boast of your possessions).

Don't give up perseverance.

Don't despise learning.

Acceptance (begging alms) is despicable.

Eat after donating (to the needy).

Act virtuously.

Don't give up reading.

Don't carry tales.

A good deed will pay back, as the coconut tree that gives the benefit holding on its head, for the water you pour in its feet.

Avvaiyarthe Tamil saint-poetess lived thousands of years ago, propagating virtues, morality and spirituality through simple poems.