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Thoughts on Grief from Mahabharata

Dhirtharashtra who had lost all his sons and relatives in the battle laments over is foolish decisions which led to destruction of his family. Sanjaya tries to console the king. These are the words spoken by Sanjaya on grief.

A person may by indulging in grief perish himself, but grief itself, by being indulged in, never becomes light. If you feel your grief to be heavy, it should be counteracted by not indulging in it. Even this is a medicine for grief, viz., that one should not indulge in it.

By dwelling on grief, one cannot lessen it. On the other hand, it grows with indulgence. Upon the advent of evil or upon the bereavement of something that is dear, only they that are of little intelligence suffer and allow their minds to be afflicted with grief.

There is no profit or spiritual gains or happiness, on which the heart is dwelling and which is the result of grief.

Grief results from the pain of losing that is dear to one. This only results in walking away from the ultimate truth. Grief affects most those that are destitute of contentment, who can’t bear the loss of wealth and are fearful and ignorant of the supreme Truth.

They that are wise are unaffected by such variations in circumstances or fortune at different times in life or in the development of something.

One should kill mental grief by wisdom, just as physical grief should be killed by medicine. Wisdom hath this power.

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