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Swami Visharadananda – Food for Thought

We like the ‘world’ because it makes us happy. As long as people make us happy, we love them. This fact is too hard to swallow, but it is the fact with most of us. People love one another because of their mutual usefulness. The day one ceases to be useful, he/she is discarded. A spiritual seeker should recognize this fact and accept it. 

We should acknowledge the reality of our mundane existence. For example, it is a common experience that an earning member gets more attention in a family than a non-earning one. The earning son is more useful and makes parents happy. They may not say it openly but even in a family, people are ultimately selfish. It sounds unfair, but it is a fact which cannot be ignored.

One can see people in their true colours when one is in real trouble. A true friend is one who stands by one’s side at the time of need. When we recognize this fact, then comes the question: why should we lose time and life for such people! In our scriptures we have the examples of seekers giving up those who are not concerned with our spiritual growth.

Swami Visharadananda

Source: Excerpts from an exposition of verses 7-11 of the 13th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita published in the Vedanta Kesari January 2010 Issue.