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Swami Sivananda on Satchitananda

The very concept of Satchitananda is characteristic of the nature of the higher self, which is dormant in every human being. The concept of truth (Satya) is identical with existence (Sat). Truth is that which eternally exists, and the principle of existence cannot be exclusive but immanent. The spirit is immanent in all, and it is the recognition of this unity of spirit that can foster good will, harmony and amity among individuals and nations.

Truth is no truth when it is devoid of consciousness (Chit), other wise called awareness or knowledge. When knowledge is not perverse, it is identical with Ananda or unmixed felicity.

Knowledge, in a different aspect is understanding. When there are true understanding, devotion to the path of truth, justice and righteousness, when the dictates of the lower self has been cured by self-discipline, then the resultant condition of life is marked by unselfish love to wards all beings, which is also termed Ahimsa or non-injury.