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Shiva and Ganesha Puppets by United States Firm Creates Uproar

Fluffy Ganesha and Shiva puppets being sold by Unemployed Philosophers Guild based at Brooklyn, New York, have attracted the ire of some United States-based Hindu organizations. The product is a magnetic finger puppet. You can play with the puppet or stick it on fridge or metal substances. The puppets are priced at $5.95

Rajan Zed, president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, has described the use of Hindu deities as puppets "inappropriate" and demanded that the company should recall these puppets. "Using Hindu deities or concepts for commercial or any other agenda is not okay as it hurts the sentiments of the devotees," he told local newspapers.

Bhavna Shinde of the Forum for Hindu Awakening has written to the guild, saying the company had trivialised "the revered symbols of the Hindu faith". Her letter stated: "The concept of manipulating puppets and playing with dolls made after deities is downright denigrating, given that Hindus perform devoted worship and spiritual practice to experience the eternal truth that these deities govern the universe."

The company also produces Shiva little tinker and Ganesh little tinker.

Another product by the company is watch and clock with Shiva – Nataraja portrait.

You can find more about the product here at the official website of Unemployed Philosophers Guild.

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