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Teachings of Sadhu Vaswani

Hurt no one! Learn to practice ahimsa to yourself first. There are many cells in your body. Every bad thought, every vicious desire harms the cells in you. You are their guardian, so keep away from bad thoughts.

Cultivate ekagrata or one-pointedness, the power of speech and the power of silence. Speak to the point. Learn to sit in silence and adore silence.

Cultivate saralata or simplicity. Without being simple no one ever passed from learning to wisdom. None ever entered into illumination without overcoming desire and ego. Be simple! And you will be transformed. Be simple and you will be flooded with light from within.

To reach the centre that is you, the real Self, try to rise above argument, thought, and abstraction. Pass into illumination. This comes gently, gradually, silently, from the real Self, the atman. Be simple, non-egoistic. 

Overcome the desire-self! Become a nukta, a point in the cosmos. Then you will receive illumination from the atman.
Sadhu Vaswani

Words of Wisdom – Sadhu Vaswani