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Shri Shri Anandamurti Thoughts on Chanting of Devotional Songs

Kirtana is a valuable spiritual aid to bring the seeker closer to the Supreme Consciousness. It is the singing of devotional songs, chanting creatively with heartfelt sincerity and purpose. Kirtana is helpful in all spheres of life; it helps us to overcome physical troubles and tribulations as well.

During kirtana many assemble together, united in purpose, and so all their collective physical energies function in unison. Their collective psychic energies flow in the same channel, inspired by Parama Purusa. At the place of kirtana, not only will there be a huge concentration of physical energies, but also a powerful concentration of psychic energy, which will remove all the collective, accumulated miseries of the material world. Kirtana is initiation to the Divine to reveal the Supreme Consciousness within.

Physical afflictions are caused partly by nature, and partly by our own thoughts and actions. Whatever might be the physical miseries natural or man-made if people collectively chant kirtana, calamities become easier to deal with.

Shri Shri Anandamurti