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Hutasani Purnima 2017 date – Falgun Mahina Poornima

Hutasani Purnima is the full moon day in the month of Falgun or Phalguna (February – March) in traditional lunar Hindu calendar. Hutasani Purnima 2017 date is March 12. It is also known as Hutashani Fagun Sud Poonam. Holika Dahan ritual of Holi festival is observed on the day.

Legend has it that demon Holika took young Prahlad and sat on a burning pyre on the day but with the blessing of Lord Vishnu, Prahlad escaped unhurt and Holika was consumed by the fire. In some regions, it is believed that Lord Agni saved Prahlad and people lit bonfire to worship him.

People observe Hutasani Purnima on this day in remembrance of this victory of good over evil.

All dirt that had accumulated in the neighborhood is burned on the day.