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Holi in Barsana in Mathura – Lath Mar Holi – Fight between friends of Krishna and Radha

The Holi festivities in Barsana Village begin from the first day of the Phalgun Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon). Barsana Lath Mar Holi 2018 date is Feb 25, Feb 26 and February 27, 2018. The most important event held here is the Lathmar Holi festival which is held on the Navami day (ninth day) during the Shukla Paksha of Phalguna Mahina. This Holi celebration is the fight between friends of Krishna and Radha.

In Lath Mar Holi, men in traditional dress from Nandgaon Village adorn the role of gopas (friends of Krishna). In Barsana, women adorn the role of gopis (friends of Radha). The men reach Barsana and throw colors on women and the women fight back with batons. The aim of the men from Nandgaon is to install a flag on the temple of Radha at Barsana and claim victory. Women of Barsana face them with bamboo sticks.

The men are well padded because they cannot hit back and can only try to keep the women off by sprinkling colored water on them. In case if a man gets trapped, he is made to dress like a woman a sari with all cosmetics and is made to dance like a woman. It is said that even Lord Krishna was made to dance like this by the ‘gopis’ of Barsana.

Both men and women prepare for Lath Mar Holi in advance. Each year, new methods are employed in Lath Mar Holi to outsmart each other.
Barsana, Nandagaon, Vrindavan in the Braj area was the playground of Krishna and Radha and their friends. Holi in this region is noted for mirth, color and reenactment of the antics of Krishna, Radha, Gopis and Gopas.

Barsana Village is around 45 km northwest of Mathura Town in Uttar Pradesh

Image courtsey - second image from jitens flickr photo stream

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