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Holashtak is associated with the Holi festival in India. Holashtak 2018 beginning date is February 23. It is the combined name used to refer to the eight days prior to Holi festival, which is considered inauspicious by some Hindu communities in North India. Holashtak comes to an end on March 1, 2018.

As per the Hindu Calender followed in North India, Holashtak begins on the Phalgun Shukla Ashtami (eighth day during the waxing phase of moon in Falgun month) and ends on the Phalgun Purnima day (full moon day). The Purnima day is observed as Holika Dahan in many regions. For many communities, Holashtak starts with the decoration of the branch of a tree with colorful pieces of clothes. Everyone ties a piece and eventually this is buried underground.

It is considered inauspicious to perform auspicious ceremonies during the period like marriage, housewarming or any of the sanskars. People of certain community also avoid starting of new business etc.
The day is considered ideal for performing Dhaan – alms giving.