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Watch Animated Story of Lord Vishnu’s Narasimha Avatar Online for Free

You can watch the animated story of God Sri Hari Vishnu’s Narasimha Incarnation at Rajashri. In Narasimha Avatar, Lord Vishnu comes to the rescue of his young devotee Prahlad. Child Prahlad was not ready accept his father Hiranyakashipu’s order that he should be worshipped as God and not Sri Hari Vishnu. Hiranyakashipu tries numerous cruel means to make Prahlad change his mind. But the little boy’s devotion for Vishnu remained the same. Finally, Lord Vishnu appears as Half Man – Half Lion to rescue Prahlad and annihilate the Adharma in the form of Hiranyakashipu.

You can watch this animated story here at the official website of Rajashri for free – Bhakt Prahlad.

Alternatively you can also view this embedded video of the same. But the video might not be visible in some older versions of Internet Explorer

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