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Random Teachings from the Upanishads

When an exalted soul realizes that all sentient beings are one in relation to the Supreme – i.e. that all beings are the minute parts of the One – how shall he have any more delusion and what grief will come to him? Isa UpanishadTruly, God is One; there can be no second. He alone governs these worlds with His powers. He stands facing beings. He, the herdsman, after bringing forth all worlds, reabsorbs them at the end of time. Svetasvatara UpanishadThrough the ripening of the fruits of his actions he does not attain any rest, like a worm caught within a whirlpool. The desire for liberation arises in human beings at the end of many births, through the ripening of their past virtuous conduct. Paingala UpanishadSeekest thou to know that from which all these beings are born, having born by which they live, and into which while departing, they enter. That is Brahman. Taittiriya UpanishadThis Atman, the self-luminous light continues to exist as the power of seeing and revealing the activitie…