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Makar Rashi July 2009 Astrology Predictions – Horoscope

For people born in Makar Rashi, or Capricorn, July 2009 is a month of mixed results. The Surya Grahan on July 22, 2009 will not have any major influence on Makar Rashi. In July 2009, some of you will get professional recognition. There will some major expenses. Some of you will achieve success in legal matters. Professionals will be recognized by their superiors for their hard work and dedication. Transfer is a possibility for some. You can expect some tough deadlines. Avoid getting irritated and angry. Business people will have a good first two weeks but some can expect a slow down during the second fortnight. Some of you will get favorable decisions from the court.There will be some minor financial gains but it will be wiped out by heavy expenses. Don’t indulge in lavishness. Apt time to invest in real estate. Not a good month for house renovation etc.Children will be demanding. Married couples will be supportive but there will some ego clashes. Some of you will find it tough to bal…

Swami Venkatesananda Quotes

Everything in the universe is filled with the same energy, with the same intelligence, the same consciousness. Thus, the objects that we use in our life, the actions that we do with this body, the persons to whom our actions are directed, are nothing but the manifestations of God.

Constant vigilance is necessary in order not to lose sight of the goal. We have our feet planted firmly on the ground and let our heart and mind fly aloft in the realms of the infinite. We grasp the form and let the indwelling presence envelop our heart, our consciousness.Swami Venkatesananda