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Eco Friendly Jute Bag for Hindu Religious Ceremonies from Ecoexist

eCoexist, a social enterprise, based in Pune concentrates on producing environment friendly products with a social purpose. eCoexist is noted for its attempts to make environmental friendly religious festivals by producing eco-friendly idols, colors, bags etc. One of the latest environmental friendly products from eCoexist is Jute Bag for Hindu Religious Ceremonies.The beautiful hand made jute bag replicates the shape of a yantra and can be used to offer coconuts and prasad to your guests after a thread ceremony, a wedding or any other formal occasion!You can find more details about the Jute Bag and how to buy it at the website of ecoexist.

Why buy Gold during Akshaya Tritiya?

Investing money in jewellery, property or gold on Akshaya Tritiya day, which falls on the third of the waxing phase of moon in Vaishaksh month (April – May), is considered highly profitable by many devout Hindus. The reason behind such wide-scale investment in gold by Hindus is based on the astrological calculations that there is no need to select a ‘muhurat,’ or look for an auspicious time on the day, as the entire day is devoid of malefic influences. All investments made on the day only increases.Astrologically, it is believed that the sun and the moon are most radiant and best placed on the Askhaya Tritiya day. Many devout Hindus choose the day to conduct auspicious functions. This particular feature of Hindu astrology has been cleverly converted into a major marketing strategy by jewelers, real estate agents and other investment business people. Thanks to the vociferous campaign unleashed by jewelry shops, Akshaya Tritiya a highly auspicious day in Hinduism has now been turned int…

Swami Visharadananda Thoughts on Sarcasm – a form of verbal violence that should be avoided

Sarcasm is another very serious form of verbal violence that needs to be checked. To speak sarcastically means to have a hidden idea to hurt the other person through one’s seemingly simple words. To ridicule others or laugh at them when they are in trouble is also a verbal violence. Says one Sanskrit proverb: If out of carelessness, someone slips on the way, evil-minded people laugh at him. The noble minded, however, try to console and help him out.What is there to laugh about a person who slips and falls? He is already hurt, and instead of giving him a helping hand, if one laughs at him, one does violence to him. Laughing in itself is a good thing, but when one laughs at others’ misfortune it is indeed cruel.The entire Mahabharata war took place because Draupadi laughed at Duryodhana at the wrong time and that pierced his heart like a spear. Then he said, ‘I will take revenge forit.’ What all she had to face as a consequence of her laughter!Swami Visharadananda(Source : Human Values …