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Puthandu Messages and Quotes – Tamil New Year Greetings

This is a collection of favorite Tamil New Year Quotes, messages and greetings that we have read, received and some which we have sent and also some that we made for this Puthandu. Tamil New Year is observed on the first day of Chitirai month. People greet friends and relatives by saying Puthandu Vazhtukal.This is a time of new beginnings and for the celebration of life – Puthandu VazhtukalLet this Puthandu bring peace and prosperity in the lives of all.May this Puthandu be a good one for all of us.Let this Puthandu usher in a Good and Sweet Year, both materially and spiritually.Puthandu Vazhtukal! Let this be a delightful year, filled with delightful things in each of its days.From this Puthandu let us go forward with great hope that all things will be possible.Puthandu Vazhtukal, let this year be filled with the things that are truly good.Puthandu stands for new and fresh – Life is always new and fresh – Let us strive to make all days Puthandu.Let this Puthandu give you the strength…

Goddess Chamunda

Goddess Chamunda is one of the most popular forms of Goddess Durga. The origin of Goddess Chamunda is mentioned in the Devi Mahatmya and Markandeya Purana. While Goddess Durga was engaged in a battle with demons Chanda and Munda, Goddess Kali emerged from the forehead of Durga and killed Chanda and Munda. Pleased with Goddess Kali, Durga called her Chamunda.
Puranas contains numerous details of Goddess Chamunda. One legend mentions that she is one among the seven forms of Shakti that came to help Shiva while he was a waging a battle with Andaka.
There is another legend which says that Goddess Chamunda appeared to lap up the blood that fell from the body of demon Rakta Bija. The demon had received the boon that a drop of blood from this body that fell on the ground will produce thousands of demons of equal strength. In this form, she is known as Rakta Chamunda.
Goddess Chamunda symbolizes death, disaster, distress and destruction of Mother Nature. But Goddess Chamunda is kind and compass…