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Thyagaraja Aradhana – Thiruvaiyaru Festival

Thyagaraja Aradhana is dedicated to Saint Thyagaraja, the greatest saint composer of Carnatic music. It is held at Thiruvaiyaru near Thanjavur and is also therefore known as Thiruvaiyaru Thyagaraja Aradhanai. The festival is observed on the fifth day during the Krishna paksha or waning phase of moon in the Telugu month of Paush or Pushya.

On the Thyagaraja Aradhana festival day, hundreds of Carnatic musicians pay their homage to the Saint Thyagaraja by rendering his ‘pancharathna kritis’ in chorus at his samadhi at Thiruvaiyaru. Another highlight on the day is the Unchavruthi Bhajan.

Sri Thyagaraja attained Samadhi on the Pushya Bagula Panchami day or the fifth day after full moon in Paush masam.