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Online Virtual Tour of Darasuram Temple – 360 degree view of Darasuram Airavateswar Temple

Built by Raja Raja Chola II, the Airavateswar or Darasuram temple is an excellent example of 12th century Chola architecture and is well preserved to this day. The frontal columns of the temple are noted for its unique miniature sculptures. Darasuram is around 34 km from Thanjavur. Now Tamil Nadu state tourism in association with is providing an online virtual tour of the Darasuram Temple. In the virtual tour you can view a 360 degree panoramic view of the memorial from several different angles.
You can view the Virtual Tour of Darasuram Temple here at (In the image link follow the red marks for different angles.)
Note: Virtual Tour might not be compatible with Internet Explorer 6 or other older versions of the browser.
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