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Margashirsh Lakshmi Puja – Gurubar or Thursday Puja Dedicated Goddess Lakshmi

Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped on Thursdays during Margashirsh Month (November – December) in Maharashtra and parts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. This puja is performed to get Sukh, Shanti and Aishwarya – comfort, peace and prosperity. In 2017, the Margashirsh Lakshmi Puja beginning date in Margashrish month is November 23, Thursday. The other dates are November 30, December 7 and December 14, 2017.

Some people observe the Mahalakshmi Puja for four Thursdays of the Margashirsh month. Some people observe it for eight Thursdays (including the Thursdays in Poush month)
People observe a fast on the day. The fasting is from Sunrise to sunset.

People eat fruits, banana and milk while observing the fast on the day. In the evening, after Lakshmi puja vegetarian food is eaten usually the Prasad offered to Goddess Lakshmi.

The vrat is performed by both men and women. Married couples perform it together.

Those observing the Margashirsh Lakshmi puja invite seven married and seven young girls on the first day of the puja offer them fruits, haldi kumkum and a book containing the Mahalakshmi Vrat Katha.

Mahalakshmi puja is observed in the evening on the day. Devotees read the Mahalakshmi Vrat Katha and Mahalakshmi Mahatmya.

Sri Mahalakshmi Aarti and Mahalakshmi Naman Ashtak are chanted on the day.