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Bangalore – Sabarimala 2009 – 2010 Trains – Indian Railway Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple Spiritual Tour Package

Indian Railways has launched a special spiritual tour package to the Sabarimala Ayyappa Temple in Kerala from Bangalore. The package includes two-way reserved second-class train tickets to Kottayam Railway Station and road transport from Kottayam to Pampa, a visit to Erumely and dormitory accommodation at Sannidanam near the temple.
The four-day pilgrimage to Sabarimala from Bangalore will cost Rs 1,950 for an adult and Rs 1,550 for a child less than 11 years old. The cost does not include the cost of food and transport from Pampa and Nilakal and back.
Tour Dates:
From Bangalore at 21:45 Hrs by 6526 Kanyakumari Express
  • November 2009 – November 29 and November 30
  • December 2009 – December 1 to December 10; December 12 to 17; December 21 and December 29
  • January 2010 – January 3 to January 9.
The Tour
Day 1 - Departure from Bangalore by Train No. 6526 at 21:45 Hrs. Overnight journey
Day 2 - Morning 11:25 Hrs arrival at Kottayam Railway Station. Pick up from station and transfer by road to Pamba. Fresh up enroute and later visit Erumely. 16:30 Hrs Arrival at Pamba. Nilakkal to Pamba by Govt bus on own expense. Proceed to Sabarimala (Sannidanam). Overnight stay.
Day 3 - 04:00 Hrs Morning Abhishekham
07:00 Hrs Depart to Pamba
1000 Hrs Arrival at Pamba
Pamba to Nilakkal by Govt Bus by own means.
11:00 Hrs Departure from Nilakkal.
16:00 Hrs drop at Kottayam Railway Station.
16.25 Hrs Departure to Bangalore by Train No. 6525
You can find more details about the Tour and book tickets online here at the official Railway Tourism Website.
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