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Atharva Veda Inspirational Quotes

Udyaanam te purusha naava yaanam – Atharva Veda 8-1-6

O man! Uplift yourself. Don’t fall down. It is true that the path of pilgrimage is steep and high, long and exhausting, but still never stoop low. Never ever degrade yourself. You are destined to soar high and not to sink down.

Fall has many sides. Fall in your thoughts will give birth to so many degradations. Fall in your thoughts will give rise to the fall of your sight. Fall in the sight will give rise to fall in actions and that will lead to the fall in your life. A fallen life is not a life but worse than death. Ride on the chariot of human body. This chariot is both a source of joy and of immortality. This is the greatest gift from God unto you. O traveler of heavenly path! May this truth be revealed unto you that you are blessed with divine intellect. Preach knowledge and wisdom till the end of life. In this uphill task—should you ever feel weak and tired, enter the chariot of divine grace and seek divine blessings.

Utkraamaatah purusha maava pathaa – Atharva Veda 8-1-4

O man, rise. Rise from wherever you are. Rise from earth, and rise from sky. Rise from sea, and rise from sand. If you are sick or weak, rise from there; if you are hale and hearty rise from there. If you are a child or a blooming youth or an adult or even a frail old person rise from there. If you are stricken with sorrow or experiencing grand happiness, rise from there. If you are lying in poverty or rolling in wealth, rise from there. May be you are idle or active, rise from there. May be you are deserted by all your friends and relatives or surrounded by scores of well wishers, rise from there.

Don’t be satisfied with what you are or have in your possession. Stagnant water always decays. Don’t be static but keep moving that too in upward direction. Give up demon like nature and be humane. Being humane also can’t be the end. From there try to attain divinity. That is the end goal. Strive for that. From earth rise up to heaven; from heaven rise up to God supreme. Neither sorrow nor enjoy petty mundane matters. Rise above them all.