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Kartik Snana 2017 – Holy Bath in Kartik Month in Sacred Rivers

Taking a holy dip in Sacred Rivers associated with Hinduism in the month of Kartik (October – November) is considered highly auspicious. Kartik Snana 2017 begins on October 6 and ends on November 4, 2017. It is believed that taking a holy bath in sacred rivers in the month of Kartik will help in attaining Moksha.

A holy dip is taken in the month in River Ganga and Yamuna. Thousands of people converge at Prayag and Badarikashrama in the Himalayas on the banks of Ganga on auspicious days in Kartik Month to take part in the sacred bathing ritual.

The importance of taking a bath in the holy rivers in Kartik month is mentioned in Puranas and other scriptures.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Matsya (fish) to restore the Vedas in this month. Lord Krishna had narrated about the greatness of Kartik mahina to his Satyabhama.

Lord Shiva destroyed demon Tarkasur on the Purnima day in this month.