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Food for thought – Take Good Care about the Food for Mind

If one is to change oneself for better, he should become a seeker of Truth, rather than becoming a seeker of untruth by indulging in thinking unholy and raw thought.
One must begin by changing one’s mental food. No more junk food of anger, lust or greed or any such poisonous substance. We must make the mind healthy by having good food for the mind.
While people are quite careful about the food they take through the mouth, they just do not care about the food for mind that they consume through their other senses — eyes, ears and so on. This has to change if one wants to become spiritually healthy again.
When mind is healthy, our life and personality too become healthy. The mind, then, becomes discriminative as to what to ‘eat’ and what to reject.
Source: Excerpts from the editorial section of Vedanata Kesari dated November 2007 published by Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai.