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Prabodhini Ekadashi - Dev Prabodini Ekadasi

Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi is observed on the eleventh day during the waxing phase of moon (Shukla Paksha) in the month of Kartik (October – November). Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi 2017 date is October 31. The greatness of Dev Prabodhini Ekadasi was narrated to Sage Narada by Brahma and is found in the Skanda Purana. Tulsi Vivah and Shaligram Puja rituals also begin on the day.

The Chaturmasa Vrata which began on Ashadi Ekadasi concludes on Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi day. The Pandarpur Yatra in Kartik month to Lord Vithal Temple in Pandarpur is observed on the day.
Devotees observe Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi to get relief for sins committed. It is also believed to help in attaining Moksha.

In Gujarat, on Dev Prabodhini Ekadashi day some people observe strict fasting and do not even drink water.

In most other regions all the usual rituals associated with Ekadasi fasting are followed.

Those observing partial fasting eat fruits and avoid grains and rice.