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What is Ayudha Pooja? – Importance of Puja of Implements and Tools

Ayudha Pooja is a worship of whatever implements, one may use in our day to day life. Ayudha Pooja 2017 date is September 29. If one can make a conscious effort to see the divine in the tools and objects one uses each day, it will help one to see one’s work as an offering to God. It will also help one to maintain constant remembrance of the divine. Ayudha Puja is performed in many regions on the Mahanavami day.

In India it is customary for one to prostrate before the tools one will use before starting one’s work each day; this is an expression of gratitude to God for helping one to fulfill one’s duties. Almost all the weapons which we use in our day to day use like knife, scissors, stoves, and in factories all machineries, computers, vehicles will be cleaned and done the pooja with a request and nothing harm shall be done from these utensils and do good to everything.

The tools and all implements of vocation are first cleaned. All the tools, machines, vehicles and other devices are then painted or well polished after which they are smeared with turmeric paste, sandalwood paste (in the form of a tilak and kumkuma.

Then, in the evening, previous to the puja day, they are placed on a cleaned platform and decorated with flowers. In the case of weapons of war, they are also cleaned, decorated with flowers. On the morning of the puja that is on the Mahanavami day, they are all worshipped along with the images of Lakshmi, Saraswathi and Parvati.

We have to do the worship these deities with the anusandhana of Parvatyantargatha Shivantargatha, Saraswathi Bharathi deviantargatha Mukhyapranthargatha, Sri Lakshmi Narayana. Books and musical instruments are also placed on the pedestal for worship. On the day of the puja, these are not to be disturbed. The day is spent in worship and contemplation.

This article was contributed by Narahari Sumadhwa