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Teachings from Bhagavad Purana on overcoming the ocean of Maya

A chapter in the Bhagavad Purana deals with the dialogue between King Nimi and Nava Yogis. One of the questions asked by King Nimi was on how to cross the Ocean of Maya – which can be loosely termed as illusion.

Sage Prabuddha answers: One who has taken sole refuge in Narayana, the Supreme Lord, crosses over the ocean of Maya.

It is not, however, possible to do this without adopting certain basic disciplines and ways of life.

First of all one must realize that wealth, family and friends by themselves cannot give one perfect happiness.

This conviction one must get from one’s own experiences as well as by keenly observing the experiences of others and the nature of the world of things and happenings around.

After getting the conviction, one who is eager to know the path by which he can cross over the mire of Maya, should approach a Guru who is well-versed in the scriptures as well as firmly established in his intimate experience of the Divine.

To overcome Maya, he should practice internal and external cleanliness, austerity, forbearance, silence, self-study, straightforwardness, non-injury, Brahmacharya and equanimity of mind under all circumstances. He should perceive the Lord in all beings.

He should not unnecessarily punish himself physically or mentally. Whatever work he does, he should dedicate them all to the Lord. He should seek the company of good people and spend his life with them and getting absorbed in Narayana.

Such a person crosses over Maya.