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Swami Tapovan Advice to Householders and Worship of Chosen Deity

To worship a chosen deity is not only more easy, it is also more suited to the times. A householder’s life is mainly one of action and those in that state of life ought to do their best to keep their actions pure.

Take a vow not to do anything impure or forbidden by the scriptures even to save your life; use your wisdom to perform every action as an act of divine worship without caring for its fruit, thus making all actions pure, uncontaminated by the desire for reward. This should be the first sadhana for every aspirant.

To achieve this, control over the senses and mind is absolutely essential. Purity of action is the very foundation of all spiritual exercises. If one can’t perform good deeds how can he aspire for the far loftier steps of devotion to God and realization of Brahman?

One can worship one’s chosen deity with good deeds and moral conduct. Repeat the mantras of the deity worship His image, meditate upon Him. By such acts of devotion and by the performance of good deeds (of course without desiring their fruits), one ought to purify one’s mind and concentrate. 

Only a mind shorn of all impurities, of likes and dislikes becomes entitled to follow the path of jnana whose nature is self-enquiry. The sole means of liberation is the immediate knowledge of the Self, arising out of the enquiry of the Self. That is the goal. There it is we have to reach step by step.

Remember God at all times. It is no spiritual life to spend a few minutes in the morning and evening thinking of God and devote all the other hours to the thought of sensuous pleasures. Think of the Lord in the midst of work, never for a moment forget Him.