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Popular Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata in 2009

Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata is famous for its unique themes, creative excellence and wonderful ideas. During Durga Puja 2009 there is a healthy competition among the Puja committees to surprise and attract more visitors by creating something totally unexpected – there are forgotten pages from India’s history, some pandals are creating awareness of burning social issues, some have opted for creating replicas of well known monuments and buildings and this year global warming and weather – cyclone Aila – creating havoc in West Bengal is part of pandal themes.
Here are some of the popular Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata in 2009 note for their unique themes.
There are no criteria for this list. It is purely based on unique themes and that are attracting attention of people and media.
11 Pally Puja in Sonarpur in South 24-ParganasTheme Cyclone Aila
The theme of the pandal is based on the destruction caused by Cyclone Aila. The design of the pandal is so impressive that a person viewing it will get a feel of being amidst a village hit by cyclone Alia. The struggle of the villagers and the fury of nature is depicted superbly here.
Poddarnagar Sarbojanin Durgotsab off Anwar Shah RoadTheme Bal Hanuman:
Here the theme of the Pandal is Bal Hanuman. The Durgotsav committee here aims to attract children. Mondopey elei jivey jol is the slogan of the Pandal and the Pandal uses noodles as raw material to build the structures.
Saradia Sammilani on Ekdalia Road at Ballygunge areaTheme Rural Bengal
The theme of the pandal is based on things that are used daily in rural areas of Bengal. This pandal has simple theme but very attractive.
Shibmandir pandal on Lake Temple RoadTheme is Forest with Banana Fiber
The pandal is aiming to attract children with a forest theme and monkeys dot from trees and roofs of huts leading to the pandal. Major raw material used here is banana fiber and banana skin. Fresh bananas are also used as part of decoration. The animals that are on display include peacock, snakes, owls, snake chamer etc. The slogan of this pandal is Kola gachher kola dekhabo.
Hindusthan Park SarbojaninTheme is owl
The pandal is using the vehicle of Goddess Lakshmi – the owl – as its theme. The main aim of the Pandal is to spread awareness about owl which is an endangered species. Various species of owls in various shapes and sizes are part of the pandal.
Vivekananda Sporting Club pandal in Haridevpur near TollygungeTheme is Horses
Here the theme revolves around horses. Lord Surya (Sun God) driven by horses is the main theme. Various types of horses in various sizes are the highlight of the Pandal.
Chetla Agrani ClubTheme is Underwater world Singapore
The theme of the Pandal here is designed after the world famous Underwater World of Singapore. In glass tunnel clay figures of shark, fishes, corals, plants, octopus, seahorses and starfish are placed amid corals and reeds here. The Durga idol is placed on a shell.
Salt Lake GD Block Puja CommitteeTheme is Oprah House of Paris
Oprah house of Paris is the theme of this famous Pandal. The Oprah house replica is 75 ft tall, 84 ft long and 40 ft wide.
Salt Lake AJ Block Puja Committee Theme is Shaktipeetahs and Temples
The theme here is based of the 51 Shaktipeetahs or temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti and there are replicas of popular temples in the Himalayan region. The pandal is using bio-degradable materials.
Salt Lake FD Block Puja CommitteeTheme is South Indian Temple
This pandal has created replica of South Indian temple and is based on Terracotta. The pandal is noted for its lighting and decorations. The materials used during Durga Puja are eco-friendly.
Salt Lake BG Block Puja Committee themeTheme is Japanese Buddhist Temple
Here the theme is based on Buddhist temple found in Japan. Oritentel Temple. This temple concentrates on design and decoration to give the replica the effect of real image and is the art director here is award winning designer Jagadish Das.
Salt Lake HA Block Puja Committee Theme is Maya Civilization
Here the theme is based on the ancient Maya Civilization of South America. The design of the pandal is by artists from the government art college to recreate the ancient Mayan Era they are using special light arrangements.
Labony Estate Puja Committee Pandal - Theme is Nari Shakti
Here the theme is Nari Shakti or women power. The entire pandal is adorned with portraits of successful women. Struggles and problems faced by women are also part of the Pandal.
Olabibitola Sarbojanin Durgotsav Committee at HowrahTheme is replicas of buildings in Cane
The pandal here is made of cane. Numerous famous structures in cane are the highlight of the pandal.
Santragachi Kalpataru Sporting Club at Howrah - Theme is Cyclone Aila
The pandal has chosen a village destroyed by Aila as its theme. The pandal aims to help its visitors understand the sufferings rural and coastal Indian faces during flood and heavy rains.
95 Pally Sarbojanin Durgotsav at SelimpurTheme is Lakshmi Niwas Palace
The pandal has created a replica of Bikaner Lakshmi Niwas palace. The highlight is the elaborate decoration.
Babu Bagan Club in the Jodhpur Park areaTheme is old building
The pandal has created a traditional Kolkata building. The two storey building merges with the surroundings and this is the highlight of the Pandal here.
Pallymangal Samity at SelimpurTheme is Bankura Mrinmoi Maa Temple
The pandal has created a replica of the famous Temple of Mrinmoi Ma in Bankura.
Ekdalia Evergreen at GariahatTheme Traditional Structure

The pandal here as has created a tall structure with traditional motifs.

Singhi Park Pandal on Dover Lane in BallygungeTheme is Badrinath Temple

The pandal here is based on the famous Badrinath Temple in Uttarakhand.

Jodhpur ParkTheme is traditional Zamindar house

The pandal here is a replica of a bright colored old Bengali style Zamindar house.

Badamtala Ashar Sangha, KalighatTheme here is Bird Nest

The pandal here is a replica of a nest of a bird.

Mudali Club South KolkataTheme is Hindu Mandir

The pandal here is based on a traditional North Indian Mandir

Santosh Mitra Square Nebutala Park, SealdahTheme Statue of Liberty

This pandal has created a replica of the statue of liberty in New York. The walls of the pandal are adorned with paintings from Mahabharata.

College Square Pandal Theme is Hawa Mahal

The pink colored Hawa Mahal of Jaipur is theme of the pandal here.

Lake TownTheme is Adivasi Culture

The Pandal theme here is based on the traditional Adivasi culture of India.

Kasi Bose Lane Pandal Theme is Glass

The pandal here is made of Glass and is noted for its lighting arrangements at night.

Aamra Sobai Pandal in North KolkataTheme is Cuneiform script

The walls of the pandal are adorned with Cuneiform script, which is one of the earliest known writing system.