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Durga Puja in Toronto - Durga Puja Celebrations by Bengali Associations in Canada

Durga Puja celebrations in Toronto, Canada, are conducted by Bengali Associations and in Hindu temples especially those dedicated to Goddess Durga. Toronto Durga Puja festival is observed in the traditional way by Bengalis and Hindus and people make an earnest effort to observe all important rituals. Durga Puja 2017 in Toronto is held in Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga etc

Bangiyo Parishad and Probasi Bengali Cultural Association (PBCA) - Greater Toronto Area will be observing Durga Puja during the last week of September 2017. You can get the details of Durga Puja celebrations of Bangiyo Parishad here at the official website.

Toronto Kalibari will be organizing Durga Puja during the last week of September 2017. Apart from regular pujas and rituals there will also be cultural programs. You can get information on Durga Puja celebrations of Kalibari here at the official website.

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