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Teachings from the Poems of Sant Ravidas

Sant Ravidas, a 15th century poet-saint and revolutionary, fought against social evils like caste and untouchability. He is also one the most prominent Bhakti poets of medieval period.

You know nothing, ignorant Man,
Appraising yourself
You glow with pride.
Such a bride is unwelcome,
Upon her neck caw the crows of death.
O you vainglorious fool
Like the mushroom of Bhadon
You are so short-lived.

As the deer who knows not
That the fragrance of the musk
Lies coiled within,
So the Lord does live within.
Understand this
And you never again will fear death

Brother, the world is a game, a magic show,
And I am in love with the gamester,
The magician who makes it go.

Sant Ravidas