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Swami Sivananda on what is True Sannyasa?

What the true Sannyasa spirit is not properly understood even by very many Sannyasins themselves. Of course Virakti, solitude, observance of Mouna, living on Bhiksha, constantly chanting Om may all be some of the eternal characteristics of a monk but quite apart from all this is the real inner Bhava which constitutes the basic essence of the Sannyas spirit.

This is the absolutely dispassionate sameness to all the pairs of opposites: heat and cold, pain and pleasure, grief and joy, failure or success, insult or honor.

The Sannyasin receives and regards them all with same sightedness and with calm forbearance. A Sannyasi is Dwandwatita. To him friend or foe is alike and praise and blame have no difference. How is this so? Why is this so?

Because the true Sannyasin is above body. His Drishti should not be based upon Dehatma Bhavana. The Sannyasi always ceaselessly tries to live in the thought that he is pure spirit.

‘Deho na ham, jeevo na ham’ is his attitude. ‘Nitya Suddha Buddha Satchidanandaaham’ is his constant Bhavana.

Swami Sivananda

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