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Biographical Film on Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj – Nirgunache Bheti – Tatvamasi

Nirgunache Bheti is a non-commercial biographical Marathi Film based on teachings and life of Shri Nisargadatta Maharaj. The English version of the film is titled Tatvamasi. The 99-minute film explores the teachings of Sri Nisargadatta. All his teachings were aimed at ‘Know Your Real Self.’
When asked about the date of his birth Nisargadatta Maharaj replied blandly that he was never born! So what Nisargadatta wanted was to be aware of our state of being – pure simple being – without being this or that or the other.
The film will be available in Marathi as Nrgunache Bheti and in English as Tatvamasi.
The film is available online at
The English Promo of Tatvamasi

The Marathi Promo of Nrgunache Bheti
The ideal way to know a person is through his/her thoughts. And this is a thought of Nisargadatta Maharaj
The sweetness is the nature of sugar; but that sweetness is there only so long as the sugar is present. Once the sugar has been consumed or thrown away, there is no more sweetness. So this knowledge ‘I am,’ this consciousness, this feeling or sense of Being, is the quintessence of the body. And if that body essence is gone, this feeling, the sense of Being, will also have gone. This sense of Being cannot remain without the body, just as sweetness cannot remain without the material, which is sugar.
What remains is the Original, which is unconditioned, without attributes, and without identity: that on which this temporary state of the consciousness and the three states and the three gunas have come and gone. It is called Parabrahman, the Absolute. This is my basic teaching. ~ Nisargaddatta Maharaj
You can buy the DVD of the film online at abideinself.

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