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Vyasa Purnima – Vyas Puja or Guru Pooja

Vyasa Purnima, or Vyas Puja, is observed on the full moon day in month of Ashada (June – July). In 2018, the date of Vyasa Purnima is July 27. Also known as Guru Poornima, the day is dedicated to Saints and Gurus, especially to Sage Veda Vyasa. Disciples perform Guru Puja on the day and venerate their Guru – who is considered to be the manifestation of God.

The teachings of Santana Dharma were orally transmitted from Guru to Shishya (student) for thousands of years. The oral knowledge was first compiled and written down by Sage Vyasa. It is believed that Veda Vyasa completed the compilation of the four Vedas on the Ashada Purnima day and therefore the day is referred as Vyasa Poornima. (More on why Guru Puja is known as Vyasa Puja)

Not only the Vedas, but Sage Vyasa is believed to have compiled numerous other important scriptures and it would not be wrong to call Him as the great editor of Hindu scriptures.

Pujas, satsangs and cultural programs are organized on the day. Students perform Guru Puja on the day.