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Vivekachudamani Teachings

Adi Sankaracharya's Vivekachudamani is an important literary work that delves into the Advaita philosophy. Here are few teachings from the Vivekachudamani.

Action is for the purification of the mind, not for the understanding of reality. The recognition of reality is through discrimination, and not by even tens of millions of actions.

Proper analysis leads to the realization of the reality of the rope, and this is the end of the pain of the fear of the great snake caused by delusion.

The realization of the truth is seen to depend on meditation on statements about what is good, not on bathing or donations or by hundreds of yogic breathing exercises.

Achievement of the goal depends primarily on a fit seeker. Things like locality and time are merely secondary in this matter.

Vivekachudamani (11 – 14)