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Uddhava Gita Teachings

Uddhava Gita is part of the Shrimad Bhagavatam. It consists of the advices given by Lord Krishna to Uddhava.

With a pure mind one observe in all begins as well as in oneself only Me (Lord Krishna), the atman, who am both inside and out, and unobstructed like the sky.

O great soul, he who, taking his stand on pure knowledge, thus regards and honors all beings as Myself, who has the same attitude towards a Chandala as well as a Brahmana, a thief as well as a patron of the Brahmanas, a spark of fire as well as the sun, and a ruffian as well as a kind man is considered a sage.

Ideas of rivalry, jealousy, pity and egoism quickly depart from a man who always thinks of Me (Krishna) in all men.

Uddhava Gita (Chapter XXIV, verses 12 to 15)