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Shraban Month 2010 in Bengali Calendar

Shraban is the fourth month in a traditional Bengali Calendar. In English or Gregorian calendar, the Shraban month begins in Mid July and ends in Mid August. The current year in traditional Bengali Calendar is 1417. In 2010, Shraban month begins (date) on July 18 and ends on August 17. The most important festival in the month is Nagapanchami, Rakhi Purnima and Sri Krishna Janmashtami.

Some of the important festivals and auspicious days in Shraban month are:

Guru Purnima - July 25

Naga Panchami Manasa Devi Puja – July 31

Naga Panchami Manasa Devi Puja – August 17

It must be noted that Naga Panchami Manasa Devi Ashtang Puja is observed during different dates in Ashar and Shraban month.