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Pollution in Holy Ganga River

The level of pollution in Ganga River has reached alarming proportions and the holy river is also one of the most endangered rivers in the world. Due to increase in pollution, global warming and over-extraction of water, Ganga might not reach the ocean in near future. Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi, a geologist and an environmentalist, has created a brief report on the pollution in Ganga River.

In the article published in the American Chronicle, Dr. Nitish Priyadarshi delves into the past, present and future of the pollution in Ganga River.

More than 400 million people live along the Ganges River. An estimated 2,000,000 persons ritually bathe daily in the river.

As per the UECPCB study, while the level of coliform present in water should be below 50 for drinking purposes, less than 500 for bathing and below 5000 for agricultural use—the present level of coliform in Ganga at Haridwar has reached 5500.

Nearly 89 million litres of sewage is daily disposed into Ganga from the 12 municipal towns that fall along its route till Haridwar.

You can read the entire report here at American Chronicle - Ganga river pollution in India- A brief report.

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