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Nag Panchami 2011 - Snake Festival

Nag Panchami, or Nagpanchami, is dedicated to the worship of Nag or Snakes. Naga Panchami 2011 date is August 4 as per traditional Hindu calendar. It is observed in the month of Shravan (July – August) and in eastern parts of India also during the Ashar Month (June – July). The festival is observed on the fifth day after Shravan Amavasi (no moon day) in most places.

Snakes, known as Nagas, are worshipped in Hinduism religion and the two of the most popular Gods in Hindu Religion – Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva – are closely associated with serpents. Lord Vishnu has the seven-hooded Snake Shesha as his bed and Lord Shiva wear nagas as his ornament and this close association has deep symbolic meaning.

In eastern parts of India the festival is known as Naga Panchami Manasa Devi Ashtanag Puja and is observed five days after Purnima (full moon day) in Ashar Month and five days after Amavas (No moon day) in Shravan Month. In rest of India, the festival is mainly observed after Amavas in Shravan Month.
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