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Lunar Eclipse August 2009 India – Partial Lunar Eclipse

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible in India on August 6, 2009 from early morning 04:34AM to 07:44 AM. This is a shallow penumbral lunar eclipse, Hindu Panchangs and calendars refer it as Madhya Chhaya Chandragrahan. According to NASA, this lunar eclipse is not visible to the naked eye and will take place in South America, Africa, West Asia and Europe. It will take place at moon rise in parts of United States along the Atlantic Coast, Canada and Caribbean Islands. In India and Nepal it will take place at moonset.

In South America and parts of United States, this partial lunar eclipse will be taking place during the night of August 5, 2009 at moonrise.

Please note that this is a shallow penumbral eclipse and occurs 15 days after the total solar eclipse (July 22, 2009). It will not be visible to the naked eye.

Most of the Hindu traditional calendars are calling the lunar eclipse on August 6, 2009 as Madhya Chhaya Chandra Grahan. Hindus need not follow any rules or rituals during this Chandra Grahan.

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Image Courtesy NASA


Chandra Grahan August 2009 Timings in United States

Chandra Grahan August 2009 Timings in Europe and England

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