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The Hindu Concept of working of Mind by Swami Sivananda

The working of the mind is a mystery for many in the West but the ancient saints of Hinduism had already deciphered it. Swami Sivananda explains the difference between the western and Indian approach with regard to mind in the “Conquest of Mind.”

Just as a piece of iron moves in the immediate presence of magnet, even so this insentient mind moves and works in the presence of the Inner Ruler. This point has not been properly understood by the Western psychologists, rationalists, free thinkers, economists, socialists and others. Hence, they are always restless and are groping in total darkness.

The vibrations of psychic or subtle Prana manufacture thoughts in the mind. The mind is insentient (Jada) but it appears as Chaitanya (Chaitanyavat) by borrowing the light from the Adhishthana (source) – Atman – just as water exposed to the sun borrows the heat from the sun.

Because there is reflection of intelligence in the mind from the background, the source or womb for this mind, this insentient mind appears as intelligent. This is the real truth. This is the bold genuine philosophy of the Hindu sages of yore.

Swami Sivananda

(Source: Conquest of Mind)