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Eclipse Astrological Predictions for Rashis during Chandra Grahan in July 2009

A penumbral Lunar eclipse, Chandra Grahan, will take place on July 07, 2009. Hindu Panchangs and Astrologers have only sparingly mentioned about the Grahan and most of the traditional Hindu calendars have ignored it. The Grahan has no major impact on any zodiac signs. Therefore no major predictions have been given regarding the Chandra Grahan.

The Grahan will begin at 02:07 PM and end at 04:09 PM as per Indian Standard Time. Please remember that this Grahan is not visible in India and takes place in North America and South America and is only of academic interest. It is not visible even in these regions.

As per Hindu Astrology the Grahan takes place in the Ashada Month. The corresponding Tamil month is Aani.

Those who are particular about Grahan effects can chant these mantras to avoid any problems.

  • Om Namah: Shivay
  • Om Hrim Chandray Namah:

Please note that there is nothing to worry about this Grahan as it is only a partial eclipse.

You can find more details about Chandra Grahan in July 2009 here.