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Aadi 18 Perukku in 2017

Aadi 18 Perukku as the name indicates is observed on the 18th day of the Tamil Month Aadi (mid July to mid August). Aadi 18 Perukku 2017 date is August 3. The Aadi month in Tamil Nadu falls during the monsoon season and the festival is essentially a thanksgiving to monsoon rains which fills the rivers – the lifeline of farmers. As it is celebrated on the 18th day, Aadi Perukku is also known as Pathinettam Perukku.

Aadi 18 Perukku is observed mainly by people residing along the Kaver River bank. ‘Perukku’ means rising – indicating the rising water in rivers. The festival is essentially a form of Nature worship and thanksgiving to Mother Nature.

On the day, family and friends get together and pray for uninterrupted supply of water and a good harvest in the coming season. Special food is prepared on the day and is shared with friends and relatives. Some people go on a picnic to the Kaveri riverbank.

In some communities on Aadi Perukku day, the son-in-law is invited and is presented new clothes by parents.

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