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Teachings of Dada J P Vaswanii

For it is not religion that has failed us, it is we who have failed religion. We only speak of religion we do not bear witness to it in deeds of daily living, to the teachings of the great prophets. It is life that is needed, not words. You may recite prayers, chant hymns and sing songs of praise; you may read from the scriptures and frequent places of worship but if you do not imbibe at least some of the wisdom, are you any better than a tape recorder?
You may write wonderful commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita or any other world scriptures, but if you do not reflect the wisdom of these scriptures in word and action, how are you any better than a desktop printer?
We all want peace: peace of mind, peace in the family and community, between countries, peace with our environment. There is scarcely anyone who does not yearn for peace. But how many of us are prepared to pay the price of peace, love? We need to love each other; have compassion and be prepared to sacrifice for one another and work for togetherness and peace.
Dada J P Vaswanii