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Swami Chinmayananda – Words of Wisdom

The greater the integration within, the higher the individual’s mind and intellect can fly and the vision of the prospect below extends itself into greater distances when the observer is raised to greater altitudes. The greater the heights from which we look around, the wider is the prospect that unrolls under our gaze.

When integration has taken place sufficiently, the individual comes to recognize and feel a nauseating disgust at the mere life of acquiring and keeping, earning and hoarding, eating and wasting, sleeping and breeding, growing and dying and he seeks and thirsts to discover in life a greater mission and nobler purpose. He gains the capacity to look beyond the walls of his own house, beyond the streets of his village, beyond the demarcation of his province, even beyond the frontiers of his own nation. He perceives in one dim look the entire life, as it is available in the world. When integration intensifies, the subtlety of his apprehension and feeling increases and he comes examine life as it is available among men and he includes in his conception of life, the manifestation of it in the animal and vegetable kingdom of existence as well.

Swami Chinmayananda

(Source Kindle Life – Chapter title – The Goal of Perfection Achieved)