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Sage Narada Thoughts on How to Attain Peace from Srimad Bhagavad Purana

Knowledge of self-realization, even though free from all material affinity, does not help a person if devoid of devotion.

Persons who are intelligent and philosophically inclined should endeavor only for that goal which is not obtainable in this world of relativity. As far as happiness is concerned, it comes automatically in course of time, just as we beget miseries even though we do not desire them.

The best remedial measure for removing all troubles and miseries is to dedicate one’s activities to the service of the Supreme Lord. As a thing is used medically to cure a disease that was caused by that very same thing, similarly when a man’s activities are dedicated to the service of the Lord, those very activities which caused his bondage become the destroyer of the bondage.

Sage Narada