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Jyeshta Month in 2010 in Traditional Marathi Calendar

Jyeshtha Mahina is the second month in the traditional Hindu calendar followed in Maharashtra. Vat Poornima Vrat is observed on the full moon day in Jyeshta month in Marathi culture. Tukaram Maharaj Palki from Dehu to Pandarpur will start in the month. In 2010, Jyeshtha Month in traditional Marathi Calendar begins on (date) June 13 and ends on July 11.

Jyeshta Shukla Paksha (waxing phase of moon) is from June 13 to June 26.

Jyeshta Krishna Paksha (waning phase of moon) is from June 27 to July 11.

Jyeshta Purnima is on June 26 and Jyeshta Amavasi is on July 11.

It must be noted that Jyeshta month in the calendar followed in North India is from May 10 to June 26.

The Jyeshta month in calendars followed in Gujarat, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh is similar to the Marathi calendar.